Bernhard König

Bernhard König studied composition with Mauricio Kagel. The focus of his work is the conception and realisation of “experimental utility music”, with which he confronts current social issues in artistic, educational and social experimental arrangements. After his studies, König co-founded the Office for Concert Education in Cologne. He worked as a freelance composer, concert educator, audio book author and dramaturge. Since 2008 he has been working mainly as a process-oriented interaction artist. In his projects he connects people of different origins, professions, generations and social classes. In 2009 his project “Accompagnato” received the first Federal Prize for Cultural Education from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. Since 2012 König has been researching the possibilities and limits of music of the Jewish-Christian-Muslim trialogue together with an interreligious and interdisciplinary team within the framework of Trimum. In 2016 Trimum was also awarded with the Federal Prize for Cultural Education. Since 2016 he has established a district cantorate in Hamburg. Since 2019, in the framework of the Music and Climate Initiative, which he founded, König promotes the use of music as a means of transformation for a more climate-friendly and resource-saving way of life.