The field of tension between human and nature, humankind’s impact on biological diversity and human dominance of the world are leading to seemingly unconquerable conflicts in the ‘age of humankind’. Can humankind strike a healthy balance between its relationship with earth and its carelessness towards nature?
Scientists and artists pose life-and-death questions addressed as society as a whole.

Meet artists in the virtual 3D hub gallery, where their art is presented. You can also meet artists directly when they present their work in the Hub-Gallery. Ask them questions, exchange ideas with them and with each other. You will find the dates in the programme.

Climate change is one of the central problems humankind and the world are facing today. Climate change permeates all areas of life and affects all current debates. Representatives from a range of disciplines pick up this global issue and explore solutions applying the tools at their disposal.

To what extent can EU and national cultural policy empower, guide and promote sustainable development at the national and European level? Representatives from cultural institutions debate and establish new alliances to implement effective sustainable solution and present them on the online platform in a variety of ways.

Are the arts and cultural industries a core part of the problem? Can they also become part of the solution for sustainable development through their being grounded in society and their creative potential? Can the creative potential of the arts and cultural spheres enrich debates on sustainable development and also inspire and guide societal transformation? These are the questions participants explore on this online platform.

Through the medium of online zoom events, we bring together scientists who work across disciplines and borders, artists and activists from all over Europe to debate sustainable development and the role of the cultural industry, questioning views and outlining their own experience and ideas.

Artists from across Europe display their work on the online 3D Mozilla Hub Gallery and give tours and talks. Visitors can view the artwork on display at the Gallery, meet the artists, ask questions and exchange views.

Artists respond to climate change and its consequences, engaging in the discovery of sustainable lifestyles and confronting the audience with their view of the fundamental shifts changing our world. The artwork will be presented on the virtual Mozilla Hub Gallery and can be visited at any time on one’s own or in groups.

The realm of fashion is moving, constantly and breathlessly. Fashion designers compete with each other. New collections are designed at break-neck speed and presented on runways, models fly around the world. Can the fashion world ever pause? Can customers resist the temptation of consumption? Sustainable designing, production and distribution channels are possible. Designers convinced of sustainable life and fashion styles implement this resolutely.

We present themes such as sustainability, climate change and the responsibility of the arts and culture industries as well as society for sustainable development through images, emotions and speech.

Representatives from a range of disciplines address sustainability and the responsibility of the cultural industry, sharing their opinions, experiences and ideas on sustainable lifestyles.

Authors reflect on climate change: through literarily, poetically, critically, aesthetically and yet true to life they delineate visions of threat and salvation and ask how humanity can preserve the planet we all share.

Culture and sustainability concerns us all! Basically, we humans must be sensitized to deal responsibly with our cultural values and our natural and economic resources. This realization can only occur if – in addition to time and space – the right thought leaders also deal with these relevant topics in a scientific, philosophical, artistic and sociological way. That is why we have invited speakers in order to promote thinking and to assume responsibility by critically and interdisciplinarily addressing our main topic.

Sustainability compasses all aspects of life, as enshrined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030. The EU subscribes to these goals and has identified sustainable development as a core task, especially in the context of climate change. No country, institution or individual can escape genuinely striving for sustainable development and circumspect interaction with nature. This online platform addresses sustainability.