Culture and sustainability concerns us all! Basically, we humans must be sensitized to deal responsibly with our cultural values and our natural and economic resources. This realization can only occur if – in addition to time and space – the right thought leaders also deal with these relevant topics in a scientific, philosophical, artistic and sociological way. That is why we have invited speakers in order to promote thinking and to assume responsibility by critically and interdisciplinarily addressing our main topic.


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Short biographies of the speakers

Artur Celiński is a political scientist, public life commentator, consultant, activist, and expert on cultural policies and the significance of culture for urban development. He promotes innovative methods of managing public policies and introducing citizen dialogue. He is vice-editor at Magazyn Miasta, vice president of the Res Publica Foundation and head of the DNA Cities ... Read more
Bernhard König studied composition with Mauricio Kagel. The focus of his work is the conception and realisation of “experimental utility music”, with which he confronts current social issues in artistic, educational and social experimental arrangements. After his studies, König co-founded the Office for Concert Education in Cologne. He worked as a freelance composer, concert educator, ... Read more
Cécile Wajsbrot was born in Paris. She writes mostly novels, sometimes essays and radio dramas. She just finished a five novels cycle about art – creation, reception – on which she has been working for twelve years. The last one, Zerstörung, has been published in Germany by Wallstein Verlag and the preceding one, Eclipse, by ... Read more
Cyril Dion is a French writer, film director, poet and activist. After studying at the École d’art dramatique Jean-Périmony (drama school), he coordinated projects for the “Fondation Hommes de Parole”. In 2007, he co-founded the ecological movement Colibris (hummingbird), being director until July 2013. In 2010, he was advisor and co-producer with Colibris of the ... Read more
Dr. Frank M. Raddatz is a publicist and dramaturge at various theatres. He is the artistic director of the Theatre of the Anthropocene. Among others, he has been working in collaboration with Heiner Müller, Frank Castorf, Dimiter Gotscheff, Jannis Kounellis, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Einar Schleef and Tadashi Suzuki. Furthermore, he was artistic director of the international ... Read more
Dr. Norbert Sievers studied sociology and pedagogy at the University of Bielefeld. Since 1982 he has worked as managing director and from 2013 to 2017 as general manager of the nationwide Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. (Association of Cultural Policy) based in Bonn. As of 2012 Norbert Sievers has additionally been in charge of the Institut für ... Read more
Dr. Tanja Busse studied journalism and philosophy at the University of Dortmund, Bochum and the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa / Italy. In 1992/1993 she completed a trainee program at the public radio and TV station WDR. From 1990 to 1996 she had a scholarship of the Deutsche Studienstiftung (German National Academic Foundation). She has ... Read more
Esra Küçük is the Managing Director of the Allianz Environmental Foundation, a Berlin-based foundation promoting nature conservation and the prevention of natural catastrophes. Born in Hamburg, she holds a degree in political science and is interested in issues relevant to the future of a changing society. With a background in philanthropy, she previously held different ... Read more
Jan Jaap Knol is director of the Boekman Foundation, Institute for Arts, Culture and Policy. The Boekman Foundation collects and disseminates knowledge and information about the arts and culture in both policy and practice. It stimulates research and the development of opinion on the production, distribution and take-up of the arts and on national and international ... Read more
Kathrin Röggla is an author of theatre and radio plays as well as prose. Among her most recent prose volumes are “Nachtsendung. Unheimliche Geschichten” (Night Broadcast. Uncanny Stories) (2016) and “Bauernkriegspanorama” (Peasant War Panorama) (2020), but also essay collections such as “Besser wäre: keine” (Better none) (2013). Her theatre texts (including “worst case”, “Die Beteiligten”, ... Read more
Lucy Latham joined Julie’s Bicycle in 2013 to work with key cultural actors in the UK and internationally, delivering research, training, consultancy and advocating for the strategic integration of environmental and climate action within the cultural economy. She leads on delivery of Julie’s Bicycle’s partnership with Arts Council England to inspire and support environmental action ... Read more
Nicole Loeser is a cultural entrepreneur and EU-project manager. As an independent art curator, she has organized more than 300 exhibitions and projects throughout Europe. In 2009 she founded the gallery WHITECONCEPTS featuring socially reflective and environmentally focused art projects. In 2017 she became Board Director at the Institute for Art and Innovation. The organization ... Read more
Philosopher, author, honorary magistrate at the Court of Audit, Patrick Viveret led a mission on the evaluation of public policies and wrote a report on wealth indicators. He is co-founder of the international meetings “Dialogues en Humanité” and he is also co-founder of the “Mouvement SOL” for the promotion of local citizen currencies to serve ... Read more
Christine Dettmann studied music and philosophy before she specialized in ethnomusicology. Her PhD focused on local Brazilian musicians in Lisbon. From 2010-13, she was part of the interdisciplinary project “The Angolan Roots of Capoeira: Transatlantic Links of a Globalised Performing Art”, at the University of Essex (UK), which included fieldwork stays in southwestern Angola. Since ... Read more
Christoph Schneider is Professor for Climate-Geography at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. He studied physics and geography at the University of Freiburg where he also received his doctoral degree in 1998. After six years of postdoc research in Freiburg he spent eleven years at RWTH Aachen University as Professor of Physical Geography and Climatology. In 2015 he ... Read more
Gerrit Lohmann studied physics and mathematics at the Universities Göttingen and Marburg. He obtained his Ph.D. Degree in physics in Bremen in 1995. After 5 years at the Max-Planck-Institute in Hamburg working on climate modelling, he worked at the Geosciences Department of Bremen and the Meteorological Institute at the University of Hamburg. From 2002 to ... Read more
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst has been the President of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) since May 2016. Before her inauguration, Prof. Kunst was Minister for Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) in Brandenburg, starting in February 2011. Until she was appointed Minister, she was President of the University of Potsdam from January 2007 until February ... Read more
Prof. Dr. Szymon P. Malinowski is Professor and Director of the Institute of Geophysics at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw since 2002. After earning his PhD in Geophysics, he was research student at the Université du Québec à Montreal and assistant and adjoint professor at the University of Warsaw. Since 2020, ... Read more
Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer is sociologist and social psychologist, co-founder and director of the foundation “FUTURZWEI. Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit”, permanent visiting professor at the University of St. Gallen and head of the Norbert-Elias-Center for Transformation Design at the University of Flensburg. He has written numerous books on socio-political issues, particularly sustainability, which have been published in ... Read more
Freelance journalist and author Theresa Leisgang lives her life at the intersection of local practices and global structures. She explores the connections between transculturality and climate crisis, agriculture and biodiversity-loss, indigenous knowledge and colonialism. Her latest research project led her from South Africa to the Arctic Circle on a quest to find ways of living ... Read more