Meet the artist Tomasz Padło

29.10.2020, 17:00–18:00

Meet the artist Tomasz Padło

Meet Tomasz Padło in person at the presentation of his photographs from the series “Greetings from Kazakhstan”. Learn about the background of his exciting photo project and talk to him personally in the virtual 3D Hub-Gallery.

Through his photographs Tomasz Padło wants to draw attention to the environmental damage and situation in Kazakhstan. Using colored landscape pictures, the images depict mountain or forest motifs, which were placed in public space by the state to distract passing people from the sometimes miserable conditions of the buildings and their surroundings in the city of Almaty:

“Kazakhstan entered to the independence probably with the most damaged natural environment among the former federal states of the USSR. For years, the authorities have been trying to change the negative image of Kazakhstan, promoting; among others; its natural attractions. It takes a special form in Almaty, the former capital of the country, where many construction areas are decorated with sheets depicting landscapes. Crumpled, dirty sheets say a little more about the country than the originators could have predicted.” (Thomas Padło)


To the guided tour

The number of participants is limited to 20 persons. You must register for this further down on the page.

The tour will start punctually at the booked time in the virtual 3D lounge. From there we will walk together to the virtual 3D gallery. If you need technical support, we will activate a zoom conference room 30 minutes in advance. You will receive this link shortly before – at the latest 3 hours before – the tour. You are welcome to visit the 3D-Lounge and 3D-Gallery in advance and choose your personal avatar.

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