Culture and Sustainability.

A Creative Exchange in Europe

How do the arts, cultural and cultural education actors in Europe address matters of sustainability? What do they contribute to the discourse on sustainability? How do the arts and culture industry understand their own responsibility for sustainable development? What is the role of cultural education? To what extent can EU and national cultural policymaking enable, guide and promote sustainable development?

On the online platform “Culture and Sustainability” which was conceived in 2020 within the agenda of the German EU Council Presidency you are welcome to listen to, watch and read new contributions in the Media Library in 2021, visit the virtual 3D gallery and take a look at previous content.

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…about culture and sustainability through online discussions, text and statements by and with experts, artists and other stakeholders.


…art, artists and speakers on the online 3D Mozilla Hub Gallery and talk about the role of the arts and cultural industries in the discourse on sustainability, climate change and the effects of digitalization on our ecosystem.


… artwork and the artists who created it on the online 3D Mozilla Hub Gallery and discussions, texts and statements on the online platform. Our Media Centre provides further food for thought to reflect on sustainability.

Current event

In the sixth contribution of our “Green Deal reloaded” series, Camilla Bausch, Scientific and Executive Director of Ecologic Institute, analyses the opportunities and challenges of a carbon border adjustment mechanism, which aims to avoid competitive disadvantages for European firms due to climate protection requirements.